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The Okinawan Martial Arts Association is here to help all those martial arts groups who have Okinawan roots or who aspire to practice in an Okinawan manner. We provide full support for our member groups and are dedicated to helping independent groups of martial artists to become part of a professional and ethical organization without any political complications and without any club interferance. we are not here to change how you teach or train, but as a backbone support should you need it.

This is a happy and secure association that works on a not for profit basis in the capacity of providing low cost licensing, progress examinations, advice, and support for all its members. The O.M.A.A. has a long standing and excellent reputation for the high quality of its membership.
Members directly share in the advantages of having professional corporate body back up where minimal profits ensure ongoing continuity of the group.
The OMAA have numerous high ranking member instructors from different disciplines who offer or are willing to attend courses and pass on their experience to other members of the organisation. We have several Kobudo (weapons) specialists within the organisation.
We welcome and encourage any enquiries from our members who wish to have the opportunity to further their own training and advancement. Courses and examinations can be arranged through the head office. Members who wish to pass on their own expertise can promote their courses through the association.
OMAA senior instructors are able to advise and help our members, by formulating a training syllabus, helping clubs with grading examinations, providing expert instruction and advice etc. thereby giving other members the opportunity to further their own training and advancement.
Associates within the The Okinawan Martial Arts Association (OMAA) have similar aims - to promote Okinawan martial arts in an ethical, safe manner and to be free to exchange knowledge, experience and friendship with others. Registered Instructors know that what they teach their students and what grades they grant them are accepted throughout the O.M.A.A.

We invite you to apply for membership of the OMAA and to become part of our close and stable organisation.

Kevin Buxey, Gavin Mulholland & Dan Lewis
Receiving their Nanadan rank from the OMAA
at DKK Summer Camp in the presence of
Shihan Roger Sheldon 8th Dan & Shihan Dave Arnold 8th Dan
plus the other 100 or so students.
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